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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A funny story

I stumbled across these pictures and thought about the funny story behind them.  Last summer, I was working in my yard while my then 2 year old daughter  was playing on the steps.  Suddenly, I heard her yelling, “Not nice, not nice”.  I looked and she was no longer on the steps but standing in the drive way looking into the neighbor’s yard.  She pointed to a pair of mocking birds and again said, “Not nice”.  Suddenly one of the birds dove down and the other followed.  They swooped on to a small black racer, picked him up about a foot off the ground and dropped him twice as I watched.  They would alternately swoop and peck him, each time drawing a rebuke from the three old about playing nicely.  I laughed and picked this little fella up.

We looked him over and the set him loose into a briar and blackberry patch.    Would you believe those birds followed us and sat until they realized he was not coming back out? 

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