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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunch time pick me up part 2

Shhhhh… Don’t tell anyone, but Kev2380 and I snuck in another fishing excursion during the lunch hour and landed this one…..   

Not as big as the day before, but a couple of pounds, probabaly good eating size.  Larger than this and they start to get that muddy flavor.  FYI, he's still swimming

No bass, but I’m sure they are there.  I have tried this spot twice and I am convinced there are some nice fish in there. Next time I’ll try some fly fishing.  The weeds are high and the body of water is large enough to assume that the breeze will be a constant.  That can make things tricky on the back cast (good form, keep the line high, double hauls).   I’ll be tossing lines with wind cutting power like a saltwater 6 or 8 weights.  Looking forward to it.  I can’t leave without my nightly ‘herp’ observation …. This guy greeted me at the garage last night.

He has to be fattest toad around and he had the audacity to eat as I took the picture!!!!!!!!  Obviously, this millipede was not bitter enough to save it’s self……

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