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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A fishing trip, bike ride and all around fun day with my boys

So this weekend the boys and I decided to take a little bike ride (14 miles round trip) along the Neuse River and do a little fishing. The water was very high.  We tried a few spots and had a couple of short strikes but nothing was landed. We did enjoy a few wildlife sightings on a very mild late spring day. The high light was probably this black rat snake.  He was was about 6 or 6.5 feet long (the gravel easment is just over 3 feet from path to grass and he had another foot in there). Really beautiful snake solid black because a garden hose.

The fishing may have been slow but it was a productive weekend for herping.  While downtown looking at some gardens, I happened to notice what I consider to be a rather unusual site in the upper North Carolina peidmont, let alone downtown Raleigh. In a small walkway between bushes I looked as a way to catch a glimpse of a small green anole.  Warmed an active I watched him chase small bugs and flies for minute or two.

All in all it was a fun adventure.

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